English Career Zone

This career fair is for students and graduates with an interest in sustainability and business! The regular career fair is for Dutch speaking only, but here you can register for the English Career Zone.

Your career in the Netherlands

It can be hard finding a job in the Netherlands when you don’t speak the language. The reason for this is that most companies are specifically looking for Dutch-speaking talent. This also applies to most of the companies that are participating in the Sustainability Career Event. But now you have the opportunity to find a job at the…

English Career Zone
It is important to us that the event is open for you as an English-speaking student or starter. Therefore, we will host a special English Career Zone at the event. Here, you can meet companies that are specifically looking for you as an English-speaking talent. There are only 5 to 6 companies who are looking for English speaking candidates. Because of overwhelming interest it can become very crowded.

Time: 14.30 – 17.00 in the Rooftopbar

With more then 500 registrants for only 5 companies the English Career Zone is far over capacity, therefore we are forced to close the registration form.

Location: Circl. Amsterdam